Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is finally due out next Tuesday, Aug. 21, and both Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment want to make sure your trigger finger is itching uncontrollably before it gets here. To that end, they've posted a new cinematic trailer showing off some of the game's tense action.

The original Counter-Strike began life as a mod to Half-Life 2, using the game's engine to turn a single player shooting affair into a multiplayer war between terrorists and anti-terrorists. This newest version of the game was built from the ground up, but has the standard Counter-Strike DNA pumping through its veins. Purchasing items has been augmented and some controls have been tweaked but, on the whole, people will still be swapping an untold number of bullets to either plant a bomb or stop the bomb from being planted.

Check out the latest trailer, revealed exclusively through Game Trailers.

You'll be able to take part in this latest firefight on a variety of platforms, including PC, the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 306, beginning Aug. 21. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will run $14.99, but PlayStation Plus subscribers will enjoy a 20 percent discounted price of $11.99. You can also pre-order the game through Steam on PC or on the PlayStation Network right now.

And now that you've seen the cinematic side of CS:GO, here's a reminder of what the gameplay actually looks like, complete with a brief history of the series.

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