The end of the year sure is a great time for saving some money on video games. It seems like every publisher, console, portable and pachinko machine is sporting discounts and, today, that bleeds over into the Xbox 360 Countdown to 2013 promotion with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive being marked down to half off.

Modern first-person shooters owe a lot to the Counter-Strike series. While it didn't necessarily invent the wheel, it certainly figured out how to give it tread, make it durable and smooth out the ride. Earlier this year, Valve unleashed its latest version of the Counter-Strike formula on the masses, giving core and noob gunners alike the chance to test their skills and reflexes against the world.

If you happened to miss out on CS:GO up until this point and you happen to be gaming on a 360, then you might want to head on over to the online market and give 'er another gander. Major Nelson is reporting that the frag-a-thon is going for 50 percent off today only, meaning you can pick up Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for just 600 MSP. This is a Daily Deal, however, so if you want to pull the trigger, you might want to do so with a quickness.

For more info, head on over to the Microsoft Marketplace. Otherwise, pick your favorite gear, select a trusty firearm and get to blasting terrorists at a fraction of the regular cost.

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