Four new screenshots for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive hit the Internet today. They show off a suburban map called "de_lake" that will ship with the multiplayer shooter.

The "de" prefix in the map's name means that it's designed for bomb defusal mode. In this game type, the terrorist team must plant a bomb at a designated point on the map. The counter-terrorists can win by either killing all the terrorists before they can plant the bomb or by defusing the bomb after it's been set.

CS:GO builds on the popular Half-Life mod by adding new maps, game modes and weapons. It also updates the classic content from the mod. New innovations such as matchmaking and leaderboards are included as well.

The fact sheet from the Xbox 360 Spring Showcase says that the game is targeted for a summer 2012 release. Valve has been a a bit more vague about the launch date, saying that it's up to the community to tell them it's ready. A beta for the PC version is currently underway.

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