Crash Time 5: Undercover Looks For Votes On Steam Greenlight

Just because the Greenlight is up and at e'm doesn't mean all the games will promote themselves. There are a ton of games out there that could use a little bit of help getting votes and recognition on Valve's new Greenlight service and one of them happen to be dtp Entertainment's drive-and-crash game Crash Time 5: Undercover.

The poor man's Burnout is a budget-priced entry level arcade racing sim that has players chasing down criminals while causing massive destruction on the highway, as well as outrunning cops while simultaneously causing lots of destruction on the highway. It's like a win-win no matter how you cut the custard. Check the budget-priced racing destruction game out in the brief teaser trailer below.

Some of you might remember that Crash Time 4: Syndicate for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC released earlier this year to little or no fanfare. The game looked a-okay and managed to keep within the tradition of being the bootleg version of Burnout. Perhaps you might say Crash Time is like a stripper while Burnout is like a ballet dancer, or maybe Crash Time is like Paris Hilton and Burnout is Jennifer Aniston. I think the better description would be Crash Time is like Snoop Dogg while Burnout is like Bill Clinton.

The game sports 50 brand new missions, lots of open road to tear up with both production cars and sports vehicles, as well as lots and lots and lots of explosions. Enough explosions to make Michael Bay think about quitting his day job and leaving it to dtp Entertainment to handle all things explosive.

You can check out some of the game's features below or give it a vote at the official Greenlight page, as you know it kind of needs it. This way, one day, Crash Time 5 can sit side-by-side with Criterion's Burnout Paradise. Oh, how a boy can dream.

Crash Time 5 Features

Burn the wheels in more than 50 action-packed missions

Use weapons and extras for the first time: Spike Strips, EMP, Oil Cannon and more

Play as cop and gangster

Experience the brandnew crash-cam

Prove your skills in breath-taking locations: Alpine, Autobahn, Coast, Racetrack, Stadium

Get ready for the offline splitscreen multiplayer mode for up to 4 players

Choose from more than 50 racing cars

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.