We sometimes make odd references every once in a while here at Gaming Blend about old-school gaming; something obscure or lesser known from the yesteryears of gaming. However, none of our knowledge compares to the real father of video games, Ralph Baer, who made it possible for us to interact with interactive entertainment. In a recent write-up of the under-popularized genius who brought us gaming, Baer comments briefly about where gaming stands today and he thinks it's absolute magic that iPhones and iPads bring gamers interactive entertainment experiences in the way that they do.

The informative and historical write-up comes courtesy of Web2Carz – and your guess is as good as mine what this has to do with cars – where Baer gets some much needed loving for paving the way for sub-sections like this to even exist. Mainly because he paved the way for video games to exist.

Baer is responsible for the original “Brown Box” gaming system licensed by Magnavox back in 1972, also known as the Magnavox Odyssey. Yeah...old old-school.

Baer brought games like Pong to life, which eventually paved the way for the likes of Atari and Namco with famous titles like Pac-Man and Space Invaders.

Speaking about the evolution of gaming, Ralph states...
“...even when you knew there were geometric changes coming along in technology, you just couldn't realize how fast everything would develop in the semiconductor industry, which is what drove everything. If the graphics weren’t good enough, you had to build better semiconductors. What’s going on now with games, the iPad and iPhone is complete and absolute magic. But what is magical to you won’t be magical to your kids.“

I know most core gamers (including myself) think mobile gaming is trash, but 20 years from now I'm sure many of us will think the new hotness of that era will be cool, while all the young punks will probably talk about how trash the new hotness is compared to bi-monthly releases like Call of Duty LXXV

It's also interesting because gamers of today who think Uncharted 3 is visually unbeatable and Crysis with the HD mods and GTA IV running the latest iCEnhancer is awesome, will have to explain to their kids several generations from now why those games used to be considered cool. I imagine in the distant future you'll probably plug some stuff up to several orifices in your body and experience virtual reality gaming as if it were real-life. So yeah...iCEnhancer 2.0 is going to look real outdated compared to photorealistic virtual reality, just like Pong looks pretty crappy compared to the latest Top Spin game. But we should never forget that Pong paved the way for Top Spin, so mad respect to Pong and mad respect to Ralph Baer.

You can check out the entire article about Ralph over at Web2Carz.

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