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Early launch woes continue to be headline stories for a lot of AAA games these days. One game that fits the bill is Ubisoft's The Crew, an open-world, online-only, multiplayer racing game that was previously catching heat for Ubisoft's decision to prevent any pre-release reviews from going up.

Over on the Ubisoft forums there's a post from Ubisoft's community manager, Natchai Stappers, who explains that one of the major issues plaguing gamers in The Crew is being addressed by Ubisoft's design team.

Stappers notes that the bug that erased the stats is a problem the team is looking into...
“Lately, some players have been encountering an issue where some game statistics where lost. Our team has been looking into it and was able to identify the issue. What was happening is that the server was sometimes unable to load your stats and erasing them. With today’s Patch, the server will no longer be erasing your statistics however it might still be displaying the wrong stats.”

I'm sure this bug caused a lot of heartache for gamers who picked up notable wins or had a snazzy win/loss ratio. All of those stats were wiped clean.

Of course, stat bugs are nothing compared to performance debilitating bugs. Games like Assassin's Creed Unity launched with some notable frame-rate issues plaguing a lot of gamers, even during basic scenarios like scaling walls or climbing buildings. The frame-stutter made it difficult for a lot of gamers to perform even the most basic of functions. Ubisoft is still trying to Assassin's Creed Unity even though it's been nearly a month since the game released.

Nevertheless, Stappers further explained...
“Be sure that the team will be fixing this last issue for good in a future patch, until then, if you want to see your stats you can log off and log back into the game a couple of times and you should see them properly.

“We have been notified that some players have lost some game statistics during the night. We are aware of this issue and are looking into it. Rest assured that no major data were lost (Cars, Money, Levels..). We’ll keep you all updated in this topic.”

Unfortunately, the thread has continued to expand with more people chiming in about losing their stats. In fact, to this very day people are still complaining on the forums that their stats are being reset. One user, named Deebz, stated...
“You would think they would get this sort of fundamental thing down before release... but frankly, this game is a flop anyway. Fun because of the map, but not much else.”

This could have been one of the reasons why pre-release reviews weren't allowed. I imagine there would be a lot of sour scores from reviewers if their stats kept being reset while trying to progress through the game. This also seemed like the sort of issue that would have been noticed and solved during the beta testing phases.

Anyway, The Crew is available right now for PC, the Xbox One and the PS4. The game is online-only so keep that in mind if you plan to pick up a copy. For more info on the stat bug be sure to pay a visit to the Ubisoft forums.