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Crytek sent out the final box art for Crysis 3 this weekend. Like almost every other cover shot you've ever seen, it features a dude brandishing a weapon.

Crysis 3 once again stars Prophet, a super-soldier with a nanosuit. This nanosuit allows him to perform superhuman feats, such as shrugging off gunfire or becoming invisible. He'll need it to fight the alien race known as the Ceph as well as CELL Corporation's crack troops.

One of Prophet's new weapons in the game is a compound bow. This bow can be customized with various attachments. Since Crysis 3 was announced, Crytek has been using that weapon frequently in the game's marketing. It's no big shock to see it used in the box art as well.

Crysis 3 will launch in February. The multiplayer beta will begin next week on all platforms.