Crysis 3 will bring back the SCAR, the customizable assault rifle featured in the last two games. In a new screenshot, we see Prophet putting the weapon to good use.

Prophet is fighting six CELL troops in a trainyard. His SCAR lets him take them outin many different ways. For example, he can put a silencer on the rifle and take them out individually. He could also use a scope and pick them off from a distance. The underbarrel grenade launcher, meanwhile, allows him to kill several of them at once.

He could also use his nanosuit's special abilities in this battle. He can activate cloaking device or bulletproof shield. Alternately, he can speed himself up or boost his strength.

How would you tackle this particular battle? EA wants to hear your ideas. Head here and share your plan of attack. They'll retweet the best tactics, giving you a small measure of delicious Internet fame.

Crysis 3 will launch in February on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

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