Into week three of the PlayStation Mobile free games giveaway promotion and the gratis offering for the next seven days is the addictive puzzle game, Cubixx.

As the PlayStation Mobile service moves closer to a full-scale launch, Sony is working to spread awareness of the service’s offerings by, well, giving away half a dozen free titles. Call me crazy, but I think they may have cracked the code as to how to snag the attention of the typical modern gamer: Give them something for nothing.

Available on the PlayStation Vita and other PlayStation certified mobile devices, PlayStation Mobile games are basically just mobile titles collected under a new marketplace and made available in places where they might not typically appear, such as Sony’s aforementioned new portable gaming device.

While the Mobile catalog should be easy enough to find (you just click the “Mobile” tab at the top of the PlayStation Store’s front page), Sony is eager to make sure everyone not only knows where to find these games, but also see what types of offerings it will provide. Thus, they’re giving away six games for free.

Each free game is available for one week. Week one saw rhythm game Samurai Beatdown given away for free while last week’s game was Beats Slider. Announced via the PlayStation Blog, this week’s free game is Cubixx, which sees players destroying chunks of a cube by guiding a laser and avoiding enemies. I downloaded it this morning and, yep, I can already tell it’s going to be a nice little time thief.

To grab a copy of Cubixx for yourself, simply fire up your PS Vita or PlayStation certified device, head onto the store/Mobile app, search for the game and begin your download. Following is a trailer for the PS minis version of the game, which is essentially the same thing.

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