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One of the cool parts about City of Heroes/Villains was being able to get a group together and build a central command station. Well, even though City of X has been killed off by NCSoft, it doesn't mean that all superhero games have to languish in insipidity. In fact, DC Universe Online is picking up where City of X left off, adding customizable lairs in the new Home Turf DLC.

SOE announced that the Home Turf content pack is currently available, enabling both heroes and villains to customize their very own lairs. What's more is that other players can battle in and around the lair in specialized PvP event missions, which adds a nice lair of depth to the DLC.

Jens Andersen, Creative Director, DC Universe Online commented in the press release about the new content, saying...
“Every hero or villain should have a Lair, so this is really fulfilling a major fantasy for our players,” ... “The introduction of Lair PvP Battles also adds an entirely new level of action to the game, allowing players to thrash opponents in these new round-based duels. Whether as a way for gamers to express themselves through customization or to seek tactical advantage in combat, Lairs are rewarding for both heroes and villains.”

The Home Turf DLC comes with two lair themes in the initial pack and four additional themes are being made available via the [PlayStation] marketplace. Those are of Legendary status have already received the new DLC for free, while premium and free-to-play gamers will have to fork over $9.99 to experience the new lair customization features.

You can grab a digital copy of the new content right now, or hop into the game, which is free-to-play, for either the PlayStation 3 or via Steam on PC. For more information feel free to visit the Official Website.