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Starting today, Sony Online Entertainment's super hero and super villain MMO DC Universe Online can be played for no charge. The game's subscription is now purely optional.

The membership is now split into three tiers. Free members can join a league and create two characters. They have the option of purchasing premium content like expansions, additional character slots, powers and more.

Any player who pays at least $5 on the game will be bumped up to the Premium level. Former subscribers are automatically given this membership status. Premium players have 6 character slots, access to proximity voice chat, and can trade items.

If you decide to pay the $14.99 subscription, you're now a Legendary member. Legendary members get all downloadable content at no cost. They've also got access to 15 character slots, over 80 inventory slots, and other benefits. The full break-down of features between the different levels is here.

SOE released a trailer today to celebrate DCUO's new F2P status. Check it out below.