The new DEK board is another one of those devices to help capitalize on the new trend of motion-based gaming. Endorsed by Pat Milbery, the pro snowboader, the DEK board can be used to help amplify the sensors in motion-based gaming or skateboard controller titles and it's currently available for gamers lookingf or a little motion-based succor.

So, I’m betting you’re wondering how it even works. Well, it basically helps stabilize the device (assuming it’s a skateboard or snowboard controller) so that the sensors aren’t being muddled by thick carpet (assuming you have carpet) or it can help maintain stability with balance board games. Even though I’m pretty sure they didn’t need it.

Tim Beres, co-creator of the DEK commented in the press release, saying…
“Our online research revealed millions of comments regarding stability and communication consistency between the board and console”... “We’re huge fans of Wii and Xbox and saw a fun way to improve the gaming experience.”

Anyway, a brief walkthrough of how the DEK works and what uses it has is demonstrated by Mr. Milbery in a promotional video. The DEK is currently available in several different formats with a number of snazzy looking designs to choose from. You can learn more about the DEK by visiting the Official Website.

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