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DS Gives Gamers Some Rhythm And Notes This Fall

Casual gamers can’t seem to get enough of the DS, and hardcore gamers are always tired of casual gamers. Yet regardless of Nintendo’s new market antipode, the DS has just been a fire-rocket in sales and it’s thanks to casual games like Rhythm & Notes; an edutainment title that gives musicians and gamers a little mind workout.

According to the press release, the gameplay in Rhythm & Notes contains...”A wide variety of note lessons to encourage players to recognize and identify not only notes but also complex chords. Rhythm exercises teach and test the fundamentals of keeping time as well as advanced rhythmic patterns. Starting lessons initiate the beginner from start to finish while advanced levels keep experts on top of their game. “ For some of the activities on the game the stylus is used like a drum and other aspects of the game – such as hearing oriented mini-games – is handled via players matching tones.

There’s a striking urge to make fun of the game’s obvious appeal to one side of the gaming market; it almost makes me question if Nintendo sees that there’s a growing lop-side (and sales increase) of casual games in ratio to hardcore games on the DS. More than that, it seems as if there’s even farther and fewer hardcore games for the DS every year. Could Nintendo be persuading publishers to phase out the hardcore market for their uber-casual handheld platform? Well, that’s another article for another time.

Anyway, Rhythm & Notes, exclusive for the Nintendo DS, is due out this fall.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.