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The DSi XL is already in stores in Japan and will hit Europe on March 5th. Today Nintendo revealed when it will arrive in North America.

"DSi XL is coming on March 28 for $189, 93% larger screen," tweeted GameTrailer TV's Geoff Keighley a short time ago. Keighley is currently at a Nintendo media event in San Francisco. I imagine this isn't the only big news Nintendo has in store for the day.

The DSi XL, called the DSi LL in Japan, is a heavier and wider version of the DSi. It comes with a new pen-sized stylus in addition to the standard twig-sized one. It has a slot for SD memory cards so you can download games and apps from the DSi Store. As with the DSi, though, the SD slot comes at the expense of a Game Boy Advance slot.

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