CCP Games issued a new gameplay video for their PS3 MMO shooter DUST 514 today. In the video, CCP Games' Ryan Thornton gives a run-down of the different vehicles at players' disposal.

Players don't just run around grabbing random vehicles as they might in say, Battlefield. Instead, they can call in vehicles using their own personal resources. This vehicle belongs to you. It features all the specific customizations that you chose beforehand.

DUST 514 currently features three vehicle classes. LAVs are agile land vehicles that help troops quickly manuever through the battlefield. HAVs, essentially tanks, have heavier armor and firepower than LAVs but aren't as quick. Dropships, meanwhile, are air vehicles that let players transport other troops into the fight. They can also be outfitted with weaponry to make them effective air support.

The vehicles can possess different capabilities depending on what race made it. The Gallente's vehicles feature a wide range of blaster technology. Caldari vehicles, meanwhile, are known for having powerful shields.

Over time, CCP Games plans to add more vehicle customization options and types. Thornton mentioned that the DUST 514 will eventually have mechs for players to pilot.

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