Have you ever played a game like Space Channel 5 and thought to yourself, “Hey, I sure would like to save the world with nothing more than my sweet, sweet dance moves.” Well, thanks to Gajin Entertainment’s upcoming groove-a-thon, Dance Magic, you can do exactly that starting next week on the PlayStation 3.

Dance games are a pretty hot ticket these days and, starting Jan. 8, one of the few downloadable titles in the genre will be available for purchase on the PlayStation Network. Dance Magic is a bit on the bizarre side so, instead of trying to explain the game’s story myself, I’ll just let the developers have their say.

“There’s no question that motion is a sign of life,” reads the Gaijin announcement. “In Dance Magic, all of the Earth’s people are not only dancers, but also warriors fighting for peace. The people have developed Dance Magic, a new form of biological energy that can be realized only by dancing. It has become the world’s most powerful weapon, capable of incredible good as well as incredible evil. Just imagine what would happen if this technology fell into the wrong hands…Now you and your friends can take part in the most important dance-off—to save the planet and he human race.”

So, yep, you’re going to be utilizing those sick moves you’ve been saving up since the last high school dance to literally “serve” an evil villain set on destroying the world with his funky-fresh moves.

Dance Magic hits PSN on Jan. 8, though no price point has yet been announced. The game features more than 20 musical tracks with additional songs available as DLC. You’ll get to shake your groove thang through seven dance styles, equip your avatar with stat-boosting gear, and tango through multiple play modes including a story-driven campaign.

Dance Magic can be played with a controller but, for the proper dancing experience, you’ll want to dust off the ole’ PlayStation Move controllers.

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