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What fans of the original Dark Souls want out of a sequel can be summed up in three simple words: More. Dark. Souls. And judging by the latest “Cursed” trailer showing off some of the places you’ll be visiting and the monsters you’ll be fighting, it looks like that’s exactly what Dark Souls II will deliver.

Giant fire demons, armored mummies, stone monsters and a creature that appears to be made up out of human corpses…Yep, this is definitely a Dark Souls game. From Software today released a brand new trailer for upcoming Dark Souls II, entitled “Cursed,” showing off the landscapes and creatures of the upcoming game, including a lot of big baddies, a glimpse at a bonfire and even a soldier waging war against an invading rival.

Dark Souls built on what made Demon’s Souls so popular back in 2010, a dark and engrossing world to explore, tough challenges and an insistence on learning patterns and playing with your brain. For gamers who have grown accustomed to charging into battle with sword a-swinging, this particular series of game likely feels nigh impossible to overcome. The Souls series rewards patience and strategy, encouraging players to keep their shield up, their weapons at the ready, and never leap before you look.

While everyone eagerly anticipates Dark Souls II’s March 11 arrival on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, however, it doesn’t look like a new-gen remake is necessarily in the cards. With Tomb Raider getting a face-lift for the PS4 and Xbox One, many have been left wondering what other games might receive the upgrade treatment. According to a recent interview between Edge and co-director Yui Tanimura, however, that doesn’t look to be the case for Dark Souls II.

“At the start of development, we felt there was still a lot of potential that remained unused in Dark Souls,” Tanimura told Edge. “…Our intention was to capitalize on the total potential of [seventh-generation] consoles and deliver the game to fans as soon as possible.”

Tanimura goes on to say that From Software has “not put any thought” into Dark Souls II for the PS4 or Xbox One, something that could disappoint new-gen gamers. However, given a growing focus on streaming previous-gen games on new consoles, there’s always a chance that Dark Souls II could be available in that form (or perhaps as a downloadable title) for XB1 and PS4. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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