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Namco Bandai has issued over a dozen in-game screenshots from action RPG Dark Souls 2. The screenshots depict scenes from the gameplay trailer that debuted yesterday.

Both developer From Software and publisher Namco Bandai have been pretty tight-lipped about the game's story thus far. All we know is that the game is that it continues the plotline of Dark Souls. Though the screenshots clearly show that the game's setting is medieval fantasy, it's not the same setting as Dark Souls. The series is leaving Lordran behind for now.

The series' penchant for killing players quickly is still present in DS2. You're just walking through a castle, minding your own business, when suddenly a chariot is trying to run you down. Or a dragon tries to maul you when you cross a bridge. This game world has character, and that character is a sadistic designer who wants to kill you.

Dark Souls 2 is in development for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. It probably won't be out this year, so it's going to have to compete against next-gen titles. It's a daunting task but I guess that's appropriate for a game built around daunting tasks.