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From Software announced exactly when Dark Souls III would be made available for purchase for both console gamers and PC gamers. The game will debut in March of 2016, next year. It will first roll out in Japan on March 24th, 2016 and from there make its way around the globe.

Gematsu managed to get their hands on the news, reporting that From Software recently announced the official release date of the game for Japanese gamers and that Dark Souls III will retail in Japan for 7,430 yen at retail and it will carry a price of 6,930 yen for those who decide to download the game digitally from participating distributors. That still comes out to around $60 when making the conversion into U.S., currency.

There will also be a limited edition version of Dark Souls III as well, enabling those who purchase the game from a local retailer to receive a bonus soundtrack CD as well as a special map. I guess even in Japan they still have retailer specific goodies to entice and lure in gamers to grab a physical version of the title?

Expect a varied selection of limited collector's edition announcements for both European and American gamers for Dark Souls III when the time comes.

Unfortunately, the recent announcement was not for the North American or European release dates for the game, but the report on Gematsu makes it known that the announcement for those dates will come soon. In fact, it's expected to happen over the next couple of days. Just so long as they don't announce and announcement date to announce the release date. It always bothers me when they do that... sort of like Square Enix announcing when they were going to announce the date where they'll officially announce the release date for Final Fantasy XV. It's an insane cycle that's like hyping up the date to hype up the game's release announcement. It's silly.

Japanese gamers will get an extra bonus this upcoming October because there will be a beta test for the game. Between October 16th and October 18th there will be an online test in Japan between 8:00pm and 11:00pm. Registration for said Japanese gamers to participate in the beta has opened up right now over on the official Dark Souls website, and registration will stay open up until October 4th.

So if you want to test your luck or you know someone who lives in Japan who might like to get in on the beta, it might be best to sign-up now and be one of the first to play-test the beta version of Dark Souls III.

At this point, at least gamers know pretty much when the window of release will be and now they just have to go through the painstaking process of waiting for it to release.

Dark Souls III has a lot of new features implemented and is the first new generation game in the series planned exclusively for release on the PS4, Xbox One and PC. No more Xbox 360 or PS3 support. The game moves faster, has more complex combat mechanics and has an upgraded arts and parry system. We'll keep you posted on when the North American/European release date arrives.
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