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Steam's newest weekend sale is now live and it should make hardcore gamers happy. The punishing action RPG Dark Souls is 50% cheaper than usual for the next few days.

Dark Souls is set in a fantasy world afflicted by a plague. The player has been infected but hasn't been driven mad yet. He sets out on a quest to cure himself.

The game, spiritual successor to Demon's Souls, is known for its steep learning curve. Players can die from traps or enemies in a matter of seconds. Through numerous deaths, you learn how to overcome the game's obstacles. The unforgiving nature of the game has made it a cult classic.

Dark Souls is also well-known for its interesting take on multiplayer. The game can be played solo but you can also allow friends to hop into your game to help out in battle. Fellow players can also leave messages throughout the game world to steer you in the right (or wrong) direction. Crueler players can even invade your game and try to kill you.

The PC edition includes DLC called Artorias of the Abyss. This content adds hours of gameplay with additional bosses including the Black Dragon and Santuary Guardian. It also introduces new PvP matchmaking so that players can quickly find opponents for 1v1, 2v2 and 4-player free-for-all matches.

Dark Souls normally costs $39.99 to download. The game's $19.99 until March 25th, though.