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Darksiders 2 Exclusive Soundtrack Music

In addition to our interview with veteran industry composer Jesper Kyd, we also managed to land ourselves four exclusive tracks from the upcoming game from Vigil Games and THQ, and guess what? If you guessed that you get to listen to them before anyone else right here at Gaming Blend, then you guessed right.

Before the songs spread like wildfire on the interwebs, landing on every blogger and their cousin's website, we have four distinct tracks from Darksiders II, which you can check out below. In order, from left to right from top to bottom: there is the Darksiders II theme song, the second track is called 'Into Eternity', the third track is labeled 'City of the Dead', and last but not least is 'Demon Realm'.

Jesper Kyd talks a little bit about the experience of working on the music and coming up with the ethic to tackle the issues surrounding this comic-inspired universe and fantasy-adventure that is bound to keep action gamers on the edge of their seats, in our exclusive interview. You can check that out to get an idea of what it's like to work on a game like Darksiders II.

Also, you can look for the game to launch this August for the Xbox 360, PC and PS3. We'll keep you posted on when the soundtrack will become available for you video game music aficionados. For more information on Jesper Kyd, the man behind legendary music for games like Hitman, Borderlands and Assassin's Creed, you can check out his Official Website.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.