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Dead Island 2 will not be launching in 2015. Publisher Deep Silver announced today that they're pushing the zombie co-op game back several months.

Deep Silver first announced Dead Island 2 for a Spring 2015 release. However, they've decided that they need far longer than that to deliver a game that "takes Dead Island to the next level."

"We have been looking at the game long and hard, and we have decided we didn’t reach that goal we set out to achieve quite yet," the company said today. "This is why we have decided to delay Dead Island 2 to 2016. Right now we are focusing purely on development, and we will have more info to share at a later stage."

"We know that our fans will be disappointed by this news, but by giving Dead Island 2 more time we are confident that everyone will get a better game to play as a result."

The delay's not entirely a surprise. Once we reached spring-time without Deep Silver announcing a specific release date, I'm sure most fans steeled themselves for a delay. There are plenty of plausible reasons for pushing the game's launch back, too. The setting is completely different than Dead Island and Dead Island Riptide's. Furthermore, this is the first game in the main series to use Unreal Engine 4 instead of the Chrome Engine.

Furthermore, this is the first Dead Island game made by Yager Development. Techland, the developer of Dead Island and Riptide, decided to develop Dying Light and the upcoming medieval game Hellraid instead. Yager, best known for making Spec Ops: The Line, hasn't made a game quite like Dead Island before so there's bound to be a learning curve.

Dead Island 2, revealed at E3 2014 with a goofy cinematic trailer, takes place in California. The virus that turns humans into murderous zombies has spread there and forced the federal government to quarantine the state. The players are survivors trapped with the zombies in this no-man's-land. They'll have to use improvised weapons such as nailguns and buzzsaws to fend off the infected as well as hostile humans. The campaign will take them to key locations throughout the state like San Francisco and Los Angeles.

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