Deep Silver's Dead Island is coming to PlayStation Home. The PSN virtual space will receive various zombie-themed activities before the full game's release in September.

Home's Central Plaza will be remade to resemble the Palms resort on the tropical island of Banoi, the setting of Dead Island. Don't be lulled into a false sense of security by the peaceful beach or palm trees, though. The Plaza will also be overrun by zombies.

A Dead Island mini-game will task players with crafting items and fighting off a zombie horde. Up to four players can team up to battle zombies. There are ten challenges to complete in this mini-game. Completing all of them will unlock an exclusive, in-game weapon called "ExplodingMeat."

Not all of the activities are so violent, though. You can also take a zombie apocalypse survival survey that lets you test your knowledge of the undead. The survey will estimate your chance of survival in a zombie outbreak and also provide you with free PlayStation Home rewards. If that sounds too cerebral for you, you can always just take a picture with a zombie.

If all these festivities convince you to buy Dead Island, note that you can pre-order the game directly through Home. There's a Dead kiosk right in Central Plaza. Pre-ordering there willl earn you a premium "Exploding Zombie Outfit" for home.

Dead Island is due on September 6th in North America and on the 9th in Europe. Though the PlayStation Home event is only celebrating the PS3 release, note that the game will also be available on the PC and Xbox 360.

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