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The folks over at Deep Silver are very excited about their upcoming zombie shoot-a-thon, Dead Island: Riptide. So excited, in fact, that they have decided to release yet another limited edition bundle for the game, exclusive to the UK and, this time, packaged with a bloody torso statue. Classy!

Along with the regular special edition and Rigor Mortis edition of Dead Island: Riptide, Deep Silver has now revealed the extremely limited edition of the game, the Zombie Bait edition. How limited is this suuuper limited edition version of Riptide? Well, it’s only available for the Xbox 360 and in the UK. So, yeah, pretty dang limited.

According to Deep Silver, the “centerpiece of this collector’s edition will be a resin statue, which is Dead Island’s grotesque take on an iconic Roman marble torso sculpture.” This bad boys is 31cm tall and 18.5cm wide, each one of which has been hand-painted to depict the “grisly remains of one of Palanai Island’s zombie infected. It’s pretty gnarly, actually, and definitely not something you’ll want to leave on display when the folks come over for a visit.

Dead Island: Riptide is one of the most anticipated releases of the year and is set to build on the original’s reputation for OTT action, dark humor and brutal zombie bashing,” said Deep Silver Director of Sales and Marketing, Paul Nicholls. “We wanted to provide a unique collector’s edition that was utterly Dead Island and would make a striking conversation piece on any discerning zombie gamer’s mantel.”

The Zombie Bait special edition also includes a Steelbook edition of the game, collectable artwork cards and an exclusive pack of weapon mods for in-game shenanigans.

Dead Island: Riptide is slated for an April 23 release date in the U.S. and Canada, and an April 26 release across the rest of the world.