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Today Tecmo Koei showed off the second character making their debut in Dead or Alive 5. Mila is a red-headed MMA fighter who, unsurprisingly, is quite easy on the eyes.

Mila is a part-time restaurant worker who spends most of her free time training at the gym. Her MMA is off to an impressive start but there's one goal that's eluded her so far. She's entered the fifth Dead or Alive tournament in order to face her idol in the ring.

Her skillset is pretty much what you'd expect from an MMA fighter. After pummeling her foe with lightning fast punches, she can take them to the mat and inflict further punishment. The trailer shows her throwing an opponent to the ground and punching him into submission.

DoA5 will arrive on September 25th in the United States and on the 28th in Europe.

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