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It can be a bit intimidating to jump into a series that's over 15 years old. Tecmo Koei is trying to make Dead or Alive 5 a bit more newbie-friendly and accessible by releasing a flowchart that explains the characters.

The flowchart, below, details the relationships between many of the characters. It doesn't go into too much detail but at least you'll have some basic understanding of how the diverse cast of the game fits together. It's helpful to know that Bass and Rig are workmates, right?

If you're looking for additional backstory, DOA5's website also has brief summaries of the events of the previous four games. Each summary is only a few hundred words. The summaries may not be as flashy as the flowchart but the flipside is that you'll learn a lot more.

DOA5 will launch in the last week of September. You've got plenty of time to do your homework on the series.

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