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New footage for Dead or Alive 5 has gone live, courtesy off some off-screen footage capture from the MCM London Comic Con 2014 event in London, England. The video offers gamers a look at an entire match between the street fighter, Mila, and the wrestler, Lisa.

Dualshockers spotted the footage from YouTube user PadPoet. The match moves at a blistering pace, and it's easy to lose track of the back and forth action as both pugilists dish out some massive punishment while laying down some technical delights in the form of kicks, punches, throws, grabs and reversals that happen fast enough where if you blink you'll miss it.

I was never a big fan of Dead or Alive – when the series first came into prominence for the jiggle physics and “high kicks” with moving skirt flaps, I was a bit more engaged with SNK and Namco's offerings at the time (not to mention all the plethora of awesome wrestling games out during that era). Moving into the 2000s the Virtua Fighters and Mortal Kombats just seemed to offer a better balance of fighting, along with EA Sports' highly respected Fight Night series.

While some gamers like myself may have skipped over Dead or Alive originally because it seemed like they were designed mostly for fan-service. Now I've been told – and I've read plenty of reviews – where Tecmo's series has been praised for its intuitive countering system. The Dead or Alive games have been built on the foundation of chain-counters... but interestingly, we don't get to see that in play in the video above.

I do have to admit that the blocking system really seems on-point. A lot of the quick hits – both high and low attacks – were blocked at the very edge of a second. I think that's pretty cool because blocking is usually an after-thought in many arcade games where juggles and throws reign supreme in many 3D fighters, opposite of 2D fighters where combos, projectiles and dive-kicks are king.

As for Dead or Alive 5: Last Round, the game is a collection of all the goodies, modes, features and fighters from Dead or Alive 5: Ultimate, ramped up and finely tuned for the eighth-gen home consoles.

One of the things that really stands out with the Last Round PS4 footage above is that instead of the action centering around fan-service, we see how the environment plays a big role in the fight, as well as the ground grabs and throw attacks.

And even more than the graphics and fighting is the frame-rate. Even with YouTube's limited 30fps standard, you can see just how fast the game is moving. 60 beautifully smooth frames per second is the only way to play an arcade fighting game.

You can look for Dead or Alive 5: Final Round to drop on February 17th for the new-gen twins in 2015.
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