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Capcom has unveiled the final box art for the upcoming zombie slaying game, Dead Rising 2. Not only has the tape fallen off the box art but a brand new website for weekly updated content and media goodies has also been announced.

The new website is a spoof promotional page that also contains a few assets that gamers might find interesting. According to the press release…
Follow the exploits of Lance, Gretchen, Wallace and Johnny Pipes at and discover exclusive content from Dead Rising 2. United by a love of zombies and desperate to obtain tickets for the hottest show in town, Terror is Reality XVII, you will follow these four individuals throughout their journey while getting an inside look into Dead Rising 2 that can’t be found anywhere else

Well if that’s the sort of lingo that gets you clicking on links then you’re probably already frothing at the mouth, deep in anticipation for a link to the website? Right? Eh? Well there’s no reason to rush it chaps. I think I might belt out a few more sentences, or paragraphs, or pages…before posting the link. Haha, no I’m kidding here it is right…whoops, fooled you didn’t I?

No really, the link is right here….Gotcha again!

Okay, seriously here’s the link to the Tape it or Die Website.

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