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** Spoiler Warning: Video Contains Spoilers **

Look, the frame issues that Joystiq brought out in their preview of Dead Rising 3 are very apparent. It's something that kind of plagues the game throughout the entire video playthrough. However, in all fairness, the outlier to the video is that the “teething” issues at least aren't just there without some elements of quirky fun. And let it be known, there are some genuine looking moments of fun encased in this offbeat action title from Capcom.

Jackfrags was given some footage to show the public, and despite the fact that the 11 and a half minutes is littered with all sorts of frame jitter (and not just when he's in a fast moving vehicle either) we can at least see that Capcom has been hard at work trying to flesh out a goofy, third-person action game that also happens to be a dark comedy.

Also, we can get a glimpse at how the frame rate and frame stutter actually affect the game. It's not so bad that it renders the game unplayable. In fact, I would say Dead Rising 3's frame issues are about a smidge worse than GTA V on the Xbox 360 and PS3. Now personally, for me, that's no good, which is why I'm waiting for GTA V on PC or one of the newer consoles. However, given that most gamers have suffered through a lot of sub-30fps titles throughout the seventh generation of gaming, I don't think the slow down you see in the video or the issues noted by Joystiq will harm the game anymore than what you would expect from games you've been playing on the PS3 and 360. In fact, the graphics issues kind of remind me of Lair on the PS3... just saying.

On the flip-side, this does pose some questions of hardware capabilities when we're seeing these issues with a game that's running native 720p and locked at 30fps. It's the sort of thing I would love to see measured against some 1:1 Xbox One footage of Assassin's Creed IV or Battlefield 4 running via direct feed (and preferably through Vimeo or a non-trash compressor unlike the one on YouTube).

But let's not also forget that the game has its moments, even with the video above. The customization looks slick; the QTE moments make sense. The screen filled with zombies isn't anything anyone who has played Mount & Blade or Total War hasn't already seen a thousand times over on PC. Although, we must remember this moment of nascence is novel for console gamers because previous consoles could barely handle anything over 16 actors on-screen at a time, or in the case of Gears of War, eight characters on-screen at a time. Yes, peasant numbers indeed. Welcome to next-gen, folks.

The melee combat reminded me of an over-the-top version of the fighting from Saints Row 2 (and I'm almost convinced Saints Row 2 next to Sleeping Dogs has one of the best melee fighting systems in an open world game). The wacky weapons and costumes, which have become a trademark staple of the Dead Rising series also make an appearance, as evidenced in the video. In a word, it looks and plays like a tamed version of Saints Row without all the Jim Sterling-esque obscenities.

Whether or not you're willing to put up with the frequent frame stutter is something you'll have to decide on your own. Personally, I couldn't stand the sub-30fps stuttering, dropping and skipping in games like Sleeping Dogs, Assassin's Creed and Grand Theft Auto on home consoles to give them the time of day, but if you can put up with those games on consoles then you may be able to tolerate Dead Rising 3 on the Xbox One just fine.

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