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Dead Space 2 PC Patch Brings New Suits

Unlike console gamers, PC owners won't have to shell out extra money for more Dead Space 2 suits and weapons. A new patch for the PC version adds this new equipment for free.

The patch, which makes a few fixes as well, is available through the EA forums. It should hit Steam soon as well. The list of changes is as follows:

  • The Elite Engineering Suit will now appear properly after completing a full-playthrough of the Single Player Campaign.
  • Save games will now be recorded, and deducted, properly when playing the Single Player Campaign in Hardcore mode.
  • Support for mouse button binding to movement keys & allowing up to 8 mouse buttons + mouse button de-bounce fixes
  • Unlocks suit and weapon packs which will now be available at the in-game store at zero cost for players

Will the free suits and weapons make up for the fact that Dead Space 2: Severed won't be released for the PC? Probably not. It's the thought that counts, though.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.