Despite Electronic Arts' silence on a successor for the commercially successful Dead Space 2, a game designer working at the IP's developer, Visceral Games, has all but confirmed a third installment's existence.

Twitter sleuth Superannuation found a resume for one of Visceral's game designers, Jeremie Benhamou, who reveals a few projects he has been working on. Although his CV has since been removed, a webcache confirms said projects to be Dead Space 3, as well as Army of Two 3. In addition, an unannounced project at the studio has been in development for the past three years.

Dead Space 3's outing via Benhamou's CV isn't the only instance where the game was displayed as of late. South African retailer BT Games recently also confirmed the unannounced shooter's existence by opening pre-orders. To add credence to the online retailer's listings of yet-to-be-revealed titles, they also started to take pre-orders for God of War: Ascension before its announcement, in addition to listing a Need For Speed: Most Wanted sequel.

The follow up to the critically praised, multi-million copies-seller Dead Space 2 is rumored to be set on an ice planet, instead of a spaceship. Entitled Tau Volantis, protagonist Isaac Clarke will seemingly be faced with blizzard conditions throughout the game.

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