As part of their holiday barrage of Dead Space 3, Visceral Games also released a six-minute gameplay video. In the video, Isaac Clarke and John Carver explore the icy cliffs of Tau Volantis.

Tau Volantis is a frozen world that once stopped a Necromorph infestation hundreds of years ago. Isaac Clarke has traveled here to find out how Tau Volantis' inhabitants managed to accomplish such a feat. In the meantime, he'll need to contend with a new outbreak.

The arctic environment presents new challenges to players. Necromorphs can burst through the ice at any moment. Clarke and Carver need to keep themselves warm as well. Their heat monitors will dip over time and if they get too low, they'll start to take damage.

Throughout the gameplay footage, you may have noticed the players picking up random items like Scrap Metal. These parts can be used at Weapon Benches throughout the game. These benches allow the player to create custom weapons to fight the Necromorph menace.

DS3 will launch worldwide in February.

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