The latest behind-the-scenes video for Dead Space 3 shows off footage from the game's motion-capture sessions. The video focuses on Sergeant John Carver, the new co-op companion for Isaac Clarke.

The motion-capture session seems to show Clarke and Carver's first meeting. Carver is accompanied by Captain Robert Norton, a fellow EarthGov officer. It seems that the rest of the EarthGov force has been wiped out by Unitologist forces. Because Norton isn't a playable character, I suspect he doesn't survive long either.

DS3 is the first game in the series to incorporate co-op. The second player will take on the role of Carver. In co-op, players will experience additional missions and find out more about the story. The game will also be playable in single-player if need be, though.

Players will get to see more of Carver in January, when Visceral Games releases a co-op demo.

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