Dead Space 2 won't be out until January 2011. However, Dead Space Ignition, the downloadable prelude to DS2, is only a week away from release.

Microsoft's Major Nelson states that Ignition will arrive on Xbox Live on October 12th. PlayStation Store updates now take place on Tuesday here in North America so presumably the release date holds true for PSN as well. Even if the date isn't consistent, the price (400 MS Points, or $5) should be.

Ignition is an "interactive comic" that challenges you to survive the the initial Necromorph outbreak on the Sprawl, a space station that serves as the setting for DS2. You'll have to engage in three different hacking mini-games - Hardware Crack, System Override, and Trace Route - and make choices throughout the narrative. Your decision will lead you to four different ending, each of which unlocks an item in DS2.

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