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Nordic Games and The Farm 51's upcoming Xbox 360 and PC game Deadfall Adventures seems to channel a lot of what made Naughty Dog's Indiana Jones-esque third-person platformer, Uncharted so popular. The biggest different between the two games is that one is a smaller budget title and is also a first-person shooter.

Gametrailers posted the debut trailer for the game, which spends majority of its time setting up the premise without actually giving anything away. As usual, you're playing as the hero on a great adventure who encounters a lot of mythical monsters, demons and undead civilizations awakened by mystical powers. Check it out below.

I think that the last 10 seconds or so really saved that 2 minute debut trailer. There was just enough to go, “Oh, it actually looks pretty good and he can dual-wield. Sign me up for the mid-budget fun.”

There's an obvious hint of Castle Wolfenstein, a little bit of Montezuma's Revenge and a dash of Interceptor Entertainment's upcoming Rise of the Triad. Of course, we can't forget the obvious Uncharted references.

The game could potentially be a gem in the rough depending on how it turns out, and we'll keep you posted leading up to the game's release. For more information be sure to pay a visit to the official website.