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Nearly lost in a sea of downloadable retail games, PSN titles, Minis and PS2 classics, a little title called Deep Black has officially hit the PlayStation Network during today’s weekly update. Released on Xbox Live back in May, Deep Black is finally taking PS3 gamers into an underwater world of action and espionage.

Biart Studio CEO Konstantin Popov caused a splash on the PlayStation Blog this afternoon, bringing everyone up to speed on his studio’s latest title. Deep Black offers a single player campaign, as well as online multiplayer, allowing players to shoot fools with guns and harpoons on land and in the water.

According to Popov, in the year 2047, two warring factions in desperate need of natural resources stand against the world’s mega corporations in a desperate struggle for survival. When word gets around that a fallen meteorite may help turn the tide of the battle, your character is sent in to locate and retrieve it.

I tend to shy away from underwater levels in games as they are notoriously difficult to pull off well. With half of Deep Black taking place in the murky depths, it will be interesting to see how the player’s enhanced diving suit (which looks an awful lot like the one worn by Dead Space’s Isaac Clarke) manages to make underwater traversal more manageable.

Along with the single player game, you’ll also have access to five multiplayer maps with multiple modes including deathmatch and team deathmatch.

A metric ton of games arrived on PSN today, but if you feel like taking a chance and diving into something a bit off the beaten path, Deep Black can be yours for $14.99

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