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Capcom said they would release PS4 exclusive Deep Down's beta this summer. That hasn't happened yet but producer Kazunori Sugiura insisted that the reveal isn't far off.

Sugiura apologized for the delay in a Facebook post (via Gematsu. He promised that the beta will be detailed in August, though.

As a consolation prize, Sugiura shared a new screenshot. In the screenshot, a player is about to get steamrolled by a giant barrel. The barrel has spikes on its hoops, suggesting that it was designed for crushing adventurers rather than storing pickles:

Barrel trap of doom in Deep Down

This is one example of the deadly traps found in Deep Down. The dungeons are randomly generated so you may find traps in very inconvenient places. This isn't like Dark Souls, where you get surprised by a trap once and then learn how to overcome it. Sugiura said that traps killed him many times during playtesting.

There's no guarantee that Capcom won't have another delay. Still, I'm glad they offer up new screenshots as a sort of apology. Here's the apology shot that Sugiura released in late June, in case you missed it:

Deep Down's angry dungeon

Deep Down is set in the year 2094. Players are transported from the future to medieval dungeons through mystical artifacts. The magical artifacts players encounter in the game correspond to a range of emotions, including envy, lust and wrath. The emotion of the artifact determines the type of dungeon. The above shot is from a dungeon with an anger theme. You can tell by the wall carving of the pissed-off dude above the door.

Capcom built the co-op dungeon-crawler with a new engine called Panta Rhei. Panta Rhei was created internally by Capcom with Xbox One, PS4 and PC in mind. It's intended to be the standard technology for Capcom releases moving forward. Deep Down should be the first Panta Rhei-powered game to hit stores, barring some big delay.

Deep Down doesn't have a release date yet. However, at this point, it's probably not going to be out until 2015 at the earliest. Though the game was announced a year-and-a-half ago, we still know relatively little about it. That suggests Capcom's still got a whole lot of work to do.
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