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Wasteland rebels? Check. Cutoff gloves? Check. Dystopian environments? Check. Gruffy looking vehicles with dusty gear? Check. Looks like the upcoming Defiance completes the basic measures for being a futuristic, wasteland cyberpunk adventure and the new live-action trailer aims to drill that concept into the ground as a bunch of rebels battle giant crab monsters.

Syfy and Trion Worlds have teamed up together to combine forces and unleash a game that ties directly into the television show of the same name. It's an ambitious project that will span multiple platforms and the SyFy channel. It's very lofty but it's hard to tell how well this will all come together. You can check out the new live-action trailer below.

From what I've seen of this game I can't say I'm impressed. The gameplay looks so mediocre it's hard to get excited. However, the concept is a good selling point – being able to just walk up and engage in a team-deathmatch happening within an open-world environment is sick. It's also something that's long overdue for the genre.

The game will be a third-person shooter. Whether or not there will be more to it than that remains to be seen but given its spring release we can expect to learn more as the release draws near.

You can learn more about Defiance or sign-up for the beta by visiting the Official Website.