Defiance, the MMO third-person shooter that ties in with the upcoming SyFy show by the same name, is set to arrive in April and, starting today, eager Ark hunters can get their hands on four types of pre-order packages for the PlayStation 3 version of the game.

The developers at Trion Worlds are eager to point out that Defianc does not come with a monthly subscription. While you do have to pay to buy the game initially and additional DLC will likely warrant some extra funds from your wallet, signing in to play this unique experience will not come with the added monthly fee usually associated with similar MMOs.

In the world of defiance, you and your fellow players have been hired by Von Bach Industries to locate powerful ark technology that could save our dying Earth. You see, a long time ago, the six species of the Voltanis Collective made a trip to our planet hoping to set up camp, as their own star system was dying. Their peaceful intentions were mistaken for hostility, which of course led to a war of epic proportions. When their giant terraforming device accidentally crashed to Earth, it went on to dramatically alter our familiar landscapes. So, in short, their alien technology is spread all over the planet and we need to find it. Go!

At its core, Defiance is a massive landscape where thousands of players can team up, interact, take on missions or go to war. Arkfall events will pop up from time to time, offering dynamic encounters for nearby players to jump into. Shadow Wars will can also break out at any moment, giving everyone a chance to compete in battls with up to 96 fellow players. Of course, you could always just take on missions, grab loot and upgrade your gear like in every other MMO. Or, for those who are more interested in the shooty-shooty goodness Deviance has to offer, you could also take on special competitive skirmishes on specially designed maps or team up in co-op to take on various bosses.

While Defiance is not due out until April, Trion dropped by the PlayStation Blog today to spill the beans on a variety of pre-order packages currently available for the PlayStation 3. For those who are curious, Defiance will also be landing on the Xbox 360 and PC, but no word yet on if similar offers will be made available for those platforms. Without further ado, here’s a look at the versions of Defiance available for the PS3.

Defiance Pre-Order ($59) Bonuses Include:
-Outlander outfit helps you blend in with the locals
-Iron Demon title lets potential enemies know you are not to be messed with
-Retailer Exclusive pre-order weapon that gives you a leg up out of the gate
-3-Day XP boost helps establish you on the battlefield
-Beta Invitation – get in the game early!

Defiance Digital Deluxe Edition ($99) Includes:
-Rare VBI Sentinel Shield helps you never let your guard down
-In-game title: Badlands Drifter
-Ark Infiltrator outfit – look good while crackin’ skulls
-Hydra heavy weapon helps you bring the boom early
-+5 Increased inventory space – don’t leave home without it
-30-Day scrip boost – more everything!
-30-Day XP boost – level up faster!
-Lock Box – sweet random rewards!

Defiance Collector’s Edition ($99) includes the Digital Deluxe items and adds the following:
-Unique Defiance Collectors Box
-CD soundtrack – from legendary composer Bear McCreary
-Exclusive Art of Defiance book – unique stills and never-before-seen renders
-Exclusive Hellbug statue
-An official Von Bach Industries contract
-Defiance Post Cards and stickers
-Bonus “Making of Defiance” DVD
-7-Day scrip boost
-7-Day XP boost

Defiance Ultimate Edition ($149, GameStop Exclusive) adds the following to the Collector’s Edition:
-Exclusive Defiance Messenger Bag
-Exclusive in-game title: Pale Wars Ronin
-One Year Season Pass (All DLC)
-1200 Bits

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