Defiance, the upcoming SyFy Channel action sci-fi game/TV show is continuing to ramp up on the promo material and the latest bit is a look at a group of bandits who raid and pillage the surrounding communities, appropriately called Raiders. Envision a group of non-law abiding individuals who rampage in ugly vehicles and shoot everything in sight with big guns.

In some terms, you could basically say that the Raiders are like the oil-bandits from Mad Max: The Road Warrior, but without The Humungous leading them. I think that's a good way to sum it up. But don't just hang onto the words dripping off my finger tips, check it out in the trailer below.

I'm still a bit mixed on my feelings for this game/TV show. First off: It's SyFy. Those poor chaps haven't been able to churn out anything decent for ages and second of all: we've yet to see how this game properly runs on consoles.

I like the scope of the game and I like that it has some features I wish were in other games, such as encountering PvP bouts by actually seeing them take place within the vicinity and having the option to join in on the fray. The vehicles seem pretty cool, too and the weapon mechanics are more or less par for the course of a third-person shooter.

You can sign-up for more info on the game or visit the official website to learn more about Defiance. The game is set for release alongside the TV show this April.

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