While last year's tough-as-nails hit, Dark Souls, won over more and more masochists to the franchise, all of that dying over and over again actually started back in 2009 with the release of Demon's Souls for the PlayStation 3. It can be tricky to track down a copy these days, which is why it's pretty dang cool that publisher Atlus will be bringing the game to PSN as a digital release next week.

Atlus' Nick Maragos made the announcement official over on the PlayStation Blog, saying that Dark Souls will be hitting PSN next Tuesday, Jan. 8, for the bargain price of $19.99. In game terms, that means you're getting approximately 347 deaths on the dollar, and that's a steal in my book.

Maragos admits in the blog post that Demon's Souls was a massive outlier for the publisher, who usually grabs niche Japanese titles and makes them available overseas. No one at Atlus could have ever expected that Demon's Souls' crushing difficulty and obtuse nature would win over such a massive Western audience, especially in a day and age when games tend to be getting easier rather than the other way around. But something about Demon's Souls kindled a fire in the heart of many-a gamers, turning the underdog franchise into a massive success.

Starting next Tuesday, you can pick up the adventure that started it all for just 20 bucks on PSN. As a special celebration for the digital release, Maragos has also announced a Pure White World Tendency event from Jan. 8-14, making the game's difficulty a little bit easier (But trust me, it's still a massive challenge) and even opening up special areas that can only be discovered when the world is in the Pure White State.

If you haven't discovered the monstrous entertainment of the Souls series yet, now would be a pretty good time to jump in and see what all of the fuss is about.

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