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Say goodbye to your Guardian. Destiny's multiplayer beta on PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360 will be wrapping up tonight. Throughout the day, you experience some lag or disconnects. Bungie says that these disruptions are due to "scale and service tests" the company's conducting.

The Destiny beta FAQ says that the servers will go down at 11:59pm PDT on July 27. However, the studio suggested during their Weekly Update on Friday that the end time might change.

"The Destiny Beta ends when we say it ends. For days now, press releases have circulated that foretold of the end on July 27th. The Wolf, our Theoretical Physicist, has told me that he wants some room to maneuver close to the conclusion of our little social experiment. So, I’m not telling you exactly when. Please play until we nail this thing shut."

Don't get too excited, though. This will probably only buy us a few more hours with the game, if that. A full extra day seems like too much to hope for.

A last-minute extension of the Destiny beta would just be the latest in a string of curve balls thrown by Bungie. The first surprise was the Iron Banner, a special competitive event that let players duke it out on two more maps than usual and earn new rewards. On Thursday, the beta was opened up to all players regardless of whether or not they had pre-ordered the full game.

The biggest twist of all, though, came on Saturday. Bungie temporarily unlocked new missions on the Moon - the first time testers have been able to venture beyond Earth in the campaign. Players who participated during this event will get this special nameplate when Destiny launches in September:

Destiny beta nameplate

This nameplate will sadly be the only thing players will be able to keep from the Destiny beta. Bungie plans to wipe everyone's data at the end of the test. Your characters, equipment and stats won't be carry over into the full game.

The team Gaming Blend spent a healthy amount of time in Destiny's beta and came away with a wide range of opinions about the game. Find out our thoughts on the game and its long-term potential by reading our roundtable discussion.

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