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Update: Christmas gifts are being sent out today. Here's what you'll receive.

Original article: Destiny players will be receiving a free gift from Bungie this week. The studio says it's Legendary, too.
The word "Legendary" has a lot of players excited. It's worth remembering another word in that sentence, though: "small." While everyone would love to find a Legendary weapon or armor piece waiting for them, odds are the gift's going to be less substantial than that.

It's worth noting that armor and weapons aren't the only Legendary items in Destiny. Ships, Sparrows, Shaders and class items all have quality levels even though they don't affect players' stats. A Reddit user points out this gift may be a Ghost shell, too. After all, Bungie said it was a "small" present and what's smaller than a Ghost?

One other theory is that the gift is the EV-32 Snowblind. This Sparrow was found in the data of a past Destiny patch. Much like the Tumbler, this Sparrow can perform aerial tricks like barrel rolls. The reason I'd bet on the Snowblind rather than other datamined vehicles is that the winter/holiday theme of its name.

Bungie originally planned to hand out a free gift to players on Christmas Day - a gift they described as a "small stocking stuffer." Those plans were ruined by the extended PSN and Xbox Live outages, though, which prevented players from logging into Destiny at all over the holiday. These technical issues led Bungie to delay the gift to 2015.

"Holiday gifts are scheduled for delivery in January," said David "DeeJ" Dague on Twitter. "No one is missing out the Cryptarch's good cheer."

The Christmas card for Destiny showed the Cryptarch holding gift-wrapped Engrams. This led me to believe that each player would be getting an Engram for the holiday. Bungie confirmed this afternoon that it won't be either an Engram, though. It also won't be a top-of-the-line weapon:
I suppose that a unique item would be more special to players, though. Getting a crappy item from an unlucky Engram solve wouldn't be a pleasant start to the new year.

This tweet also confirms that Bungie's not just going to give out currency. The gift may be broken down into currency by some players but at least it's something specific.

We'll find out what the present is soon enough. In the meantime, let's speculate. Do you have high expectations for the gift? Or are you expecting something trivial?

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