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Bungie hoped to give out Christmas gifts to Destiny players. That didn't happen on Thursday but don't lose hope.

Community manager David "DeeJ" Dague said on Twitter that players will have to wait at least a week before they get these presents.
The studio teased the gifts in their last Weekly Update of 2014.

"We should note that you should be on the lookout for some small stocking stuffers sometime after the Holidays have come and gone – a small token of our gratitude," Bungie said at the time.

They didn't explain what these gifts would be. However, they included a picture of the Cryptarch holding a gift-wrapped Engram. Engrams seem like a fitting present; the process of opening them up has the same sort of anticipation, excitement and/or disappointment of normal Christmas gifts.

Bungie's Christmas plans were disrupted by a group called Lizard Squad. These hackers, who knocked Destiny offline this fall, took down PSN and Xbox Live with a DDoS attack that started on Christmas Eve. This left all Destiny players completely unable to log in throughout the holiday.
Lizard Squad's attacks were apparently halted today. Xbox Live is back online while PSN is still recovering. While it's very possible both networks will be back to normal by the end of Friday, Bungie's playing it safe by waiting a few days before they start giving out presents.

While Destiny players have been left without their Christmas gifts, there's still a reason to log in this weekend. Xur is back in town with a set of special gear to sell. He'll be around until Sunday at 4 AM Eastern or 9 AM GMT. His wares can be purchased using Motes of Light and Strange Coins.

Xur's wares are different with each weekend. Unfortunately, players aren't too happy with his current selection. Specifically, they're upset that he's selling the underwhelming sniper rifle No Land Beyond. Dague took to Twitter to reassure fans that he shared their disappointment:

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