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When a popular game leaves little room for creative gameplay, gamers find ways to make the game more entertaining. In the case of Destiny, a dance crew put together a little routine in the far corners of Venus while out on patrol. You can check out the video below.

Destiny's Husky Raid clan put together the little routine, with members g1vMEE uh HAN, VoidJedi appel, SuperStartop, Mackovanich and Epoxin all chipping in their moves, expertise and choreography to help bring it all to life. The whole routine was directed by Destiny player BoisterousBiddy.

Basically the video sees one of the members doing most of the core dancing while the others provide a light-show using various gun effects. It's an ingenious tactic that I never would have figured to do in a game like Destiny. Then again, Bungie and Activision's first-person shooter has bored me to tears every time I try to get into it and the gameplay literally puts me to sleep, which is a hard feat to do for a video game that isn't a turn-based, hexagonal war simulator set during the dynasty of the three kingdoms.

The video has easily gone viral, thanks to Destiny's massive player base and constantly engaged community, and with the help of some gaming sites that live and breathe on all things Bungie related.

A lot of the commenters on the YouTube page also really dig the dance routine, with FreshPrinceYuup stating...
This dance routine was more exciting than Destiny's entire campaign. How can I try out? Lol

That sentiment about the dance routine being exciting and entertaining is shared amongst a lot of other YouTube visitors as well, with a few people actually exclaiming that it's the greatest thing they've ever seen in their entire life (they must be very young).

Destiny, much to the surprise of those of you who are unfamiliar with the title, is not a dancing game. It's a sci-fi shooter that works as Bungie's successor to what they accomplished with the Halo franchise.

Players are able to create and customize their very own character, outfit them with a number of different armor sets, scavenge for new weapons spanning a wide range of planets and locations, and participate in classic raiding events similar to other MMOs out there. Even though the game has been heavily criticized for its lack of features and limited content, Destiny has still managed to capture the hearts and minds of gamers the world around, especially when there are videos like the one above circulating.

Up next for the game is the long awaited House of Wolves expansion that has a lot of gamers on the edge of their seats. You can keep track of all the latest updates for Destiny by paying a visit to the game's official website.
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