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Bungie has some big plans for Destiny and they're going to drop the details soon. How soon? Try June 9th at 10am PST and 6PM BST, just ahead of E3. The reveal will take place on Bungie's live stream on Twitch, giving gamers a look at the mysterious Rise of Iron expansion.

GamesRadar picked up the news from over on, where they revealed that they would be pulling back the veil on their next big expansion come next Thursday. So what else did they reveal? Absolutely nothing.

There are no other images, gameplay mechanics, character hints or juicy revelations to help coast gamers over for the next week. Instead they go on to talk about the “Carnage Report”, which is a weekly feature of statistics that breakdown how many people were killed in combat, how many players earned legendary marks, and how many hours were logged. It's pretty crazy but there were over 450 million deaths in Destiny over the past week.

They then round out the weekly update with a couple of user movies from around the community that highlight some special skills in action. The videos are just short 30 second clips that are the equivalent of Overwatch's play of the game... which usually goes to Bastion.

But Bungie has been mum about the next big expansion for Destiny. The game has somewhat become stale in the eyes of gamers following the release and completion of The Taken King.

Since then gamers have been coasting along, playing some of the PvP modes, engaging in some of the events, and attempting to make the most of the 3 of coins. Some gamers presumed that the silence on Bungie's end was due to them gearing up for the release of Destiny 2, but that didn't quite happen, and it was revealed that there wouldn't be a sequel this year.

However, leaked posters for Destiny called Rise of Iron started making their way around the web, and gamers are now geeked about the next big expansion despite not knowing anything about it.

The poster features a Guardian on the cover wielding a burning, two-handed axe. The setting is a wintery wasteland of broken wreckage and twisted metal. Surrounding the Guardian is a pack of wolves, although they are more intrigued by the figure and their surroundings as opposed to showing any sign of hostility. It's a cover that demands scrutiny but offers very little answers in return.

One of the interesting things about the image is that parts of the upper wall in the background appear to be ignited by flame... as if they were recently torn down by the hero with the axe. We won't know for sure what Bungie has in store with the expansion, but it's been quite some time since Destiny received a large, content-rich upgrade.

Hopefully this will be the last of the expansions for the first Destiny so that Bungie can get to work on the sequel, and hopefully this time around they'll leave behind the technically debilitating seventh-gen consoles and focus only on Xbox One, PS4 and maybe PC this time around.

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