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Bungie will be adding microtransactions to Destiny soon. A new in-game store called the Eververse Trading Company will offer players a collection of real-money purchases.

Tess Everis will return to the Tower with a new Eververse storefront. For now she'll be selling 18 new emotes, custom animations for your characters. As Bungie points out, these emotes are completely cosmetic and have no effect on your character's power. The company plans to release images and prices for these items next week.

These emotes can be purchased through the in-game store with a new currency called "Silver." You can buy Silver through PSN or Xbox Live. I'm a little surprised that they didn't pick a more futuristic name for the currency like Techno-Vibranium Space-Credits but whatever. Bungie says they'll give all players some free Silver

While the optional purchases are limited to emotes right now, I do wonder whether Bungie will expand the store over time. There are a lot of other cosmetic items they could potentially sell, including emblems and Sparrows. Boosters to increase experience or currency gains are plausible, too.

I'm not really surprised to see Destiny introduce microtransactions. They're a fact-of-life for almost every MMO, even subscriber-based ones like World of Warcraft. Paid expansion packs take a long time to develop so optional purchases allow the developers to bring in a steady income in the meantime.

That said, I'm not surprised to see angry reactions from players in Destiny's official forum. Players who bought Destiny at launch and then all of its three expansions have spent a lot of money on the game. It might feel off-putting to turn around and see Bungie asking for more money.

In today's announcement, Bungie reassured gamers that these purchases won't give anyone an advantage. They added that in-game sales won't replace free updates:
Our plan is to use these new items to bolster the service provided by our live team for another full year, as they grow and create more robust and engaging events that we’ll announce later this year. It has been, and continues to be, our goal to deliver updates to the game. Going forward, our live team is also looking to grow beyond vital updates and improvements to focus on world events, experiences, and feature requests.

Bungie hasn't announced when they'll launch the Eververse Trading Company. I'm sure we'll find out next week, though.

Would you spend money on Destiny emotes?
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