Bungie isn't finished with Destiny just yet. This week they revealed that they have at least two more expansion packs planned for the multiplayer shooter.

"The House of Wolves will be released sometime in the second quarter of this year," Bungie said in their Weekly Update. "If you’re not used to people saying things like 'Q2' when they’re measuring time, just rip your annual calendar into four equal parts and scrutinize the second piece. Sometime within those three months (April, May, and June), we’ll have a new adventure to embark upon with you."

A leak earlier this week suggested that House of Wolves would be out on May 19th. It also revealed a number of items including in that expansion. Bungie brushed the leak off at the time, saying that the information is outdated. In their Weekly Update, they remained tight-lipped about the second expansion.

"We’re keeping all other details under wraps for now. There is a special team here that's dedicated to creating some new ways for you to play Destiny. They’re also making the game you know a better reflection of what we’ve learned about you since you’ve started playing. While they do their thing, we'll walk the fine line between making you a part of the process and providing them with a safe place to explore possibilities and do their best work."

"The Bungie Blog is your finest source of guaranteed Destiny news. Enjoy the speculation and discussion that makes an Internet community fun, but stay tuned here so we can go on record about what awaits you as 'Q2' draws nearer."

The Expansion Pass for Destiny only provides access to The Dark Below and House of Wolves. However, Bungie isn't planning to stop after Wolves. Publisher Activision-Blizzard revealed in their earnings report this week that there's another expansion in the works for later in 2015.

"Later this year, we will announce a major content release for the fall, so stay tuned," said Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg during the earnings call.

A different leak suggested that this fall expansion pack would be called Plague of Darkness. That report also suggested that it will be followed by another expansion called Forge of Gods. This is also the leak that said House of Wolves would be out in early March, though, so putting too much faith in it would be a mistake.

It's disheartening to hear that House of Wolves may not launch until June. That's a long time for players to wait for another infusion of new activities. I'm not sure that rotating events like Iron Banner are going to be enough. Hopefully Bungie has more free content planned.

Maybe Bungie's resigned themselves to the fact that players may leave until Wolves' launch, though. Unlike some MMOs, Destiny doesn't require a monthly subscription so temporary drops in players don't hurt Bungie's bottom line. There is a risk, however, that players who quit Destiny may never come back. Bungie's challenge is to make House of Wolves look so good that players will be willing to hang onto their copy of Destiny until its launch.
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