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Destiny Iron Banner 2.0 Event Now Live

Destiny's PvP event Iron Banner has returned to the online shooter. Bungie dubbed the event Iron Banner 2.0 due to all of the changes they've made since its last appearance.

In the special Iron Banner playlist, players' attack and defense ratings aren't normalized. Players with top-of-the-line gear have a distinct advantage over competitors with lesser equipment. Lower-level players with fully-upgraded weapons are said to be a "credible threat," though. While competing on this new playlist, players can also pursue new Iron Banner bounties given out by Lord Saladin.

Many Destiny players complained about the original version of Iron Banner, saying that superior gear didn't provide enough of an edge. A new character was able to hold their own against players at a much higher level. That's been changed in Iron Banner 2.0, though.

To prevent players from being too outmatched by the competition, Bungie has restricted the playlist to players level 20 or above. If you're below level 20, the only way to get into Iron Banner is to join a Fireteam led by someone above that level. Be warned that you might be at a severe disadvantage, though.

The other common criticism of Iron Banner was that it encouraged quitting. Players wouldn't receive rewards for losses so if their team fell behind, they ditched the match. Iron Banner 2.0 addresses this issue with Medallions of Iron, tokens given out to players with each loss they endure. These Medallions stack up to five and can be cashed in for Rank and Standing on the player's next win.

The goal in Iron Banner is to earn new ranks with the Iron Lords, which gives you access to better rewards sold by Lord Saladin. These rewards are now split up between five ranks rather than three:

Rank 1

  • Unlock Iron Banner Emblem
  • Emblem, Shader, Class Item each provide stacking 10% boosts to Iron Banner reputation gains

Rank 2

  • Unlock Iron Banner Shader

Rank 3

  • Unlock Iron Banner Armor Item
  • Unlock Iron Banner Weapon Item

Rank 4

  • Unlock Iron Banner Armor Items
  • Unlock Iron Banner Class Item
  • Unlock Iron Banner Weapon Item

Rank 5

  • Unlock Iron Banner Weapon Item
  • Unlock Iron Banner Shader Item

Iron Banner weapons can now be Reforged by Lord Saladin. This process resets the weapon's progress but also gives it a new set of upgrades to pursue. You'll have to pay Motes of Light for this service, though.

The rewards available through Iron Banner 2.0 include upgraded gauntlets and boots. They'll help you move closer to the current level cap of 30 before it's raised in expansion pack The Dark Below.

To help players progress during the event, Lord Saladin will now sell a booster called Tempering. Tempering will speed up the rate at which the player earns Event Standing. The size of this bonus will increase with each passing day of Iron Banner.

Iron Banner 2.0 will run from November 18th to November 24th. Players' Standing with Iron Banner will be reset at the end of the event.

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