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Destiny's player-versus-player event Iron Banner has returned for another week. During the event, Bungie wants players to be on the lookout for a few special targets.

The latest Bungie Bounty targets are members of the TTL Gunslingers, a long-running clan now active on Destiny.

"Born on Bungie.net, the TTL Gunslingers have migrated like vanguards from one game to the next for almost a decade," said Bungie community manager David 'DeeJ' Dague. "They've seen action in Destiny, Halo, Call of Duty, Battlefield, Borderlands, TitanFall, Gears of War, GTA, Red Dead, Chromehounds, Ace Combat - they've even controlled towns in Day Z. This week, they'll control the zones."

On Wednesday, February 18th, the members of TTL will be playing the Iron Banner playlist on Xbox One along with Dague. You can find these players under the following usernames: TTL Cozmo23, TTLBreakChicago, TTL Goose, TTL Pony, TTL Nightmare and DeeJ BNG. They'll be active from 6 PM to 8 PM Pacific. Players who take them down will receive the Sign of Opposing Will emblem:

Sign of Opposing Will

In the Iron Banner playlist, players' gear isn't normalized. If you've got top-of-the-line armor or weapons, you'll be at a distinct advantage. You'll need to be level 20 to queue up for the playlist. The only way to get around that restriction is by joining a Fireteam with a player above level 20.

As you complete Iron Banner matches and earn standing with the Iron Lords faction, you'll gain access to new equipment sold by Lord Saladin at the tower. Here's what you can get at each rank:

Rank 1
  • Unlock Iron Banner Emblem
  • Emblem, Shader, Class Item each provide stacking 10% boosts to Iron Banner reputation gains
Rank 2
  • Unlock Iron Banner Shader
Rank 3
  • Unlock Iron Banner Armor Item
  • Unlock Iron Banner Weapon Item
Rank 4
  • Unlock Iron Banner Armor Items
  • Unlock Iron Banner Class Item
  • Unlock Iron Banner Weapon Item
Rank 5
  • Unlock Iron Banner Weapon Item
  • Unlock Iron Banner Shader Item
This week, players can get 36 Light gloves at Rank 3 and 36 Light boots at Rank 4. The Rank 4 weapon is the Legendary shotgun Felwinter's Lie. You can purchase the scout rifle Gheleon's Demise by reaching Rank 5.

If you're dissatisfied with the perks on your Iron Banner weapons, Saladin can reforge them for you. This rolls a new set of perks for the weapon but also resets progression. This process also costs Motes of Light.

Iron Banner will run until Monday, February 23rd. It's possible we'll see Patch 1.1.1 a day later.

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